“Hi forum.
For sale, revolving “Swivel”/”Cuddle”/”Snuggle” chair.
They seem to have some strange names these seats, I prefer to think of it as “Bond Villain” chair, ideal for stroking your cat in and giving menacing looks while spinning round and making yourself dizzy.
From a pet free home.
Rotates a full 360 degrees.
About 5 years old but in good condition.
Cost about £700 when new (yeah I know that was silly money, but I was young and foolish!)
About 4 foot diameter at it’s widest point.
Seat width at front, measured as per the tape on the picture 34″
Seat depth as per photo measurement 26″
Side and back cushions unzip so can be washed easily.
Would need to be collected in a van as it is quite big.
Was hoping for £100 for it?
Any questions let me know.
Many thanks”


Heavy rotation took you from selling 1m albums to 20m albums, and that meant a lot of dough – Ozzy Osbourne


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